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Jewelry Repair

We use state of the art laser welding technology to repair our jewelry! Using this technology we are able to do jewelry repair much faster and with a higher degree of quality than traditional torch brazing like many stores still use.

Ring Sizing

Is you ring a little to tight? Maybe it's a little loose! No problem! We can size just about any material. Gold, Platinum, Palladium, and Silver to name a few. Have you been told your ring can't be sized? We can! 


Custom Design

Custom Jewelry is our specialty! If you have old jewelry you aren't enjoying anymore, why let it sit in a jewelry box collecting dust? Holloway Jewelers can design and create a brand new style that you can enjoy forever! From your initial idea to the finished piece we can design and hand craft your dream piece into reality!  



Has your jewelry lost its luster? Maybe it just doesn't look quite as bright and shiny and it once did. Bring it in and let us clean and inspect it free of charge. We can also polish it like new and rhodium plate your white gold making it shine like the day it was made!

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